What is mobile compactor storage system?

Mobile Compactor Storage Systems provides a solution to your storage needs and increase your existing storage efficiency with morden Way of storage Product. Mobile Compactor Storage System comprises of movable bays resting on rails, the bays are solidly constructed to withstand heavy-duty usage and handling. The storage bays can easily slide from one end to another to retrieve materials and files.


• Suitable for low-rise shelving. Saves up to 60% of Valuable Floor Space
• Any Person can spin the wheels well with one finger and it works better
• A floor lock secures the fixed and mobile blocks and prevents pilferage
• Accidental movement is prevented through an aisle lock
• Powder coated


• Filing cabinets
• Light-Weight multiple Product Storage
• Storage of Expensive item

What are the advantages of mobile compactor storage system?



Mobile Compactor Storage System in Rajasthan

Now A Days in Rajasthan is on Growth Track and some of institutes are upgrading their premises like, Hospitals, Corporates, Banks, Factories, Hotels,  Governments Departments etc, these several Commercial institutes are having storage issue, The Only Mobile Compactors systems can solves all this storage issues.